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Technological gaps are getting shorter and shorter with each passing day – there’s folding phones and canine cryptos, AI art and self-driving pintos. Tomorrowland is always right around the corner and Pyto Squatting is the place to get the latest on all the new innovations.


About the site

Our goal is to provide informed content on technology across the spectrum – from everyday technology like smartphones, computers and the internet; to specialist niches such as programming, cybersecurity, software development and more.




Technology is part of everything we do in the modern world. Having up-to-date technology can completely change your experience. Get advice on the latest technology to enhance your set-up, whether that’s streaming, editing, or other uses. 


Software can come in many different forms, depending on what the purpose is. Maybe you’re after editing software for videos, or software to help you with CSS Coding, or need help with Microsoft Office. Here, we have it all covered.


Are you a business owner in need of some advice to get your brand seen? If you’re looking to help promote your business, trying to work on your marketing strategies, or learn how to keep your employees happy, then look no further. Explore the different avenues available to effectively advertize your business and increase your ROI.


E-Commerce involves the buying and selling of goods or services through the Internet, including payment transfers and data handling to process sales. Many have turned to E-Commerce strategies to reduce overheads and operate more efficiently. Find out more about the world of E-Commerce and how to succeed amongst the competition.


Managing your finances, whether personal or business, is an important skill to have. Even the world of finance has been dominated by technology, including the introduction of Cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Digital Currencies have increased in popularity since they were invented in 2008, and began circulating the following year. On the surface, they can seem like a complicated concept that only a select few can understand. However, that is not the case…


About Me

Greetings fellow tech nerds! My name is Phil Thompson and I’ve been a part of the internet revolution since the days of dial-up modems. Growing up in rural America, finding like-minded individuals to geek out about the latest tech news was not easy. When I finally moved to the city, I decided to start this platform to share my thoughts and listen to others’ comments on software, digital finance, marketing, cryptocurrencies and all that good stuff. So, load up your icebreaker programs, and let’s get this conversation going!

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with me and we can collaborate!